Request a Booking

Deadline for 2022-23 academic year: July 15, 2022

If you are a Queen’s University faculty member delivering a course related to the Department of Film and Media in the 2022-2023 academic year, who would like to book the Art + Media Lab to host a course-related exhibition or presentation in support of your teaching (such as presenting a student exhibition or hosting a screening or talk)., please follow the Steps for Requesting a Booking below to secure the space.

Booking requests that fall outside of course-related activity may involve a booking fee and should instead be directed towards the Isabel Bader’s Booking & Administrative Coordinator, Maggie Hunter, at For the Isabel’s booking rates for facility rental, please click here.

Steps for Requesting a Booking

1. Review the Available Time Slots at the Art + Media Lab for the 2022-23 academic year.

2. Fill out the Booking Form below, completing all required fields, indicating a preferred time slot of your booking, and click Submit Booking Request. You will see a notification that your booking request has been successfully submitted.

3. Please note that submitting your Booking Form does not guarantee a successful, confirmed booking. After your booking request is sent, the Art & Media Lab’s Coordinator, Neven Lochhead, will email you to start a discussion about your booking request, and through this finalise the details of your booking. The Coordinator will check the booking requests on a weekly basis and aim to respond shortly after of your request has been submitted.

Dimensions of the AML

Length: 49’-3”
Width: 20’-0”
Height (lowest ceiling point): 14’-9”
Height (ceiling peak): 18’-6”
Height (lighting track): 13’-7”
Projection window height at back wall: 11”

Booking Form

Provide a tentative title of course-related activity that you are planning.
Selected Value: 0
Please provide an estimate of the expected capacity or attendance for your event / exhibition.
Briefly provide some details about your booking, explaining who will be involved, the artistic mediums that it will explore, and its relation to the Department of Film and Media course you have listed.
The Coordinator of the Art + Media Lab may be able to help you with these tasks to varying degrees.